The Creation of Our Stained Glass Windows


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The Third painting brings Harmony:

12.  A third painting will fine-tune the effect to suit both the character of the design and the amount of sunlight, which will shine through the window in its final location.

13.  Detached from the easels once again, the glass will be given its third and final kiln firing.


Fabrication by Master craftsmen:

14. The “cutline” copy of the design is next placed on a worktable where it will serve as a guide in placing each piece of glass during assembly by a master glazier. He or she will use girder-shaped strips of pure lead to overlap and bind all pieces together in a technique virtually unchanged from that used by the craftsmen of the Gothic era.

15.  Wherever two pieces of lead join each other, they will be soldered together on both front and back surfaces to lock the entire assembly into its final size and shape.


First Viewing against the light of Brother Sun:

16. Excitement will mount in the studio as the entire group of craftspeople gathers to see the assembled and soldered window against daylight. All will take part in an inspection and critique of color, painting and the overall effect since any further changes found necessary must take place at this point.


Final details of Fabrication:

17. The window will next be subjected to a “cementing” process during which a waterproofing and stiffening material is scrubbed into all available spaces between lead and glass. The lead will now turn to the color of old pewter, losing its silvery metallic glare as it begins to blend into the fabric of the window. The cement will be allowed to harden and cure for a generous period.

18. Each section of leaded glass is given its final preparation for installation as copper wires are secured, at intervals, to the surface of the lead. These will hold steel support bars firmly in position and assure the stability of the window.


Installation: & Dedication:

19. The commitment and skill of many hands will have reached fulfillment with the long awaited installation. The support bars are, at the last, secured to the window sash and lead surface and any required outside protection panels are installed.

20. The reward of artist and craftspeople will come when, at the dedication of their work, there is agreement among client and public that they have acquitted themselves in the finest tradition of their craft.